DeFi Could Potentially Grow By Over $500B In 2022

ADALend Aims For High Market Share

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is a subset of the blockchain industry that aims to provide a decentralized version of mainstream financial services. Over the last two years, the industry has grown from $1B in January of 2020 to a staggering $98B in September 2021 (Statista), surpassing all expectations.

DeFi’s growth has been sparked by a flood of private and institutional investors attracted by better returns and better rates offered by the lending and borrowing protocols provided in the DeFi space.

DeFi has a lot more room for growth; according to CoinGecko, DeFi has only acquired 5% of the market capacity of cryptocurrencies. “Right now, we’re sitting at a DeFi market cap of about $80 billion. My sense is that a year from now, it will add a zero,” Roszak, co-founder of the DeFi platform Vesper (BusinessInsider).

DeFi Industry Will Expand

There are various reasons why the industry will continue to grow exponentially.

  • Development in the industry is poised to absorb more capital so long as new projects rolling out will continue to offer quality services.

ADALend Aims To Dominate The Market

ADALend is built in a way that makes it a contender to lead the DeFi space. Built on the Cardano blockchain, it incorporates all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses that other DeFi protocols are trying to overcome.

ADALend Features:

  • Optimum Security: With the constantly heightening rates of cryptocurrency-related crimes, ensuring adequate security of users and assets remains a priority. Cardano, as a lead proof-of-stake platform, provides an absolute and proven safety of its users.

ADALend protocol plans to power the next generation and the next wave of investments that will pour into the DeFi space, raising the bar for many DeFi projects currently circulating in the market.

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