ADALend’s New Bridge Functionality

ADALend, the world’s most anticipated decentralized lending platform that is built using the Cardano blockchain, is currently working hard on the development of its ADAL token and its flagship platform, with new development updates rolling out for the past 3 months.

Lending is a huge industry that is continuously growing, but the system is far from perfect. There are a lot of problems that we find in the industry, such as high fees, slow transaction times, difficulty in borrowing, and many more. These problems are solved by the new, decentralized lending platform called ADALend. ADALend is a decentralized lending platform built on Cardano, that simplifies the lending process and provides a better experience for both borrowers and lenders.

Introducing ADALend’s New Bridge Functionality

ADALend is proud to announce a new bridging functionality between the Cardano network and the Velas and BSC networks. This bridging functionality will enable users to bridge their ADAL tokens, improving the usability and functionality of the entire platform and the convenience of its users.

To acquire ADAL tokens on the Velas or BSC networks,

Bridging from Cardano to Velas network:

Go to

Connect the Nami wallet (Cardano network) and Metamask (Velas network)

Select the ADAL token, enter the required amount of tokens and click swap.

Bridging from Velas to BSC network:

Go to

Connect the Metamask wallet in the Velas network

Find the ADAL token in the Assets field.

Select Velas Network and Binance Smart Chain.

Enter the required amount and swap

ADALend’s (ADAL) Getting Listed

While this new bridging functionality is a major step in the ADALend roadmap, the token of the ADALend ecosystem, ADAL, is scheduled to get listed on some major cryptocurrency exchanges in the upcoming future. This is a big step towards the ADALend platform development since the main purpose of ADALend is to provide the users with a decentralized platform for lenders and borrowers right before the release of the platform and put the functionality to the test.

The ADALend team is working hard to greenlight the alpha version of the platform ready for testing. The team is planning many announcements over the next few weeks and months to update the community with the project development and will be keeping their followers informed as they move through the process.

More about ADALend:

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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