Adalend’s CTO — future of the project, development plans

Welcome to the first installment of our interview series with the ADALend CTO Ali Krynitsky. Recent events in the Adalend ecosystem have reached all of the Cardano community. With a successful IDO, listing on the biggest Dexes on the planet, and a nearly 300% initial token price surge, these signals united the community’s strong backing and belief in the need and importance of the Cardano native market.

Currently the ADAL token is one of the few Cardano native tokens which can be freely traded on multiple decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap on BNB chain, Uniswap on Ethereum mainnet, Astroswap on Velas chain, and SundaeSwap on Cardano.

We want to know more about this exciting project from a technical perspective, so without further adieu, let’s commence with the first one.

Interviewer: What are your key development milestones to accomplish before releasing your beta product?

Alik (CTO): First of all we are launching SWAP features, including POOLs. That is to say, this shall be our MVP. Then we’ll start R&D for our epic lending features. Our current roadmap looks like: uniswap-like AMM testnet -> uniswap-like AMM mainnet -> lending/borrowing pools.

Interviewer: Are you going to involve community members in testing?

Alik: Sure. This is something we are very much looking forward to, not only in terms of building trust, but also in terms of improving the product. Nobody knows the user better than the user himself. Therefore, we hope that in the near future, after the completion of the testnet stage and internal testing, community users will actively participate in testing and developing the product.

Interviewer: What is the current set up on the testnet, beta version and UI? Can you share advances?

Alik: The team is currently working on three major milestones: UI, infrastructure, and uniswap-like/PAB. We’re making some progress across the board, but it’s still too early to release it on the testnet or share it with the community. I think in the very near future we will be able to see an updated design of the application with basic functionality. In the meantime, we can give a glimpse of how it will look with one eye.

Interviewer: What part of IT development is outsourced?

Alik: At the moment, all development is carried out by the technology partner company Robatz Network. We have drawn certain conclusions from previous approaches to the organization of development, and now no other third-party contractors are used in the project. We cooperate with Robatz Network according to the CTO on demand model, where 100% of the development team, including CTO, business analysis and design, are outsourced from it.

Interviewer: How many people are working at ADALend developers team?

Alik: At the moment, the development team consists of three teams in accordance with areas of competence. These are frontend, backend and blockchain. In total, this is 8 people, including CTO and three team leads from the Robatz Network team. Also, together with the development team, a business analyst, a designer, managers and a product are involved in the project. After successfully passing the uniswap-like testnet stage, the project team plans to expand, but the final decision will be made based on the current situation in the future.

Interviewer: As always it’s been both educational and inspirational talking to you. Thank you for your time Ali.

Alik: Thank you for the engaging questions guys. Wishing you and your readers the best of luck!

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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