ADALend’s 3 Key Benefits Over JustLend

ADALend is a decentralized financing platform that is expected to gain much traction in the coming weeks. The project holds many underlying benefits, from its features to the features of the embedded blockchain.

When comparing ADALend and JustLend, we cannot ignore the characteristics of the Cardano and Tron blockchains which is what everything boils down to.

Here are three key benefits of ADALend over JustLend.

  1. Algorithm

ADALend which utilizes Cardano uses the Ouroboros algorithm permits parties to join the protocol execution using just the genesis block information in a secure manner. Prior to this approach, PoS protocols either needed participants to get a trusted “checkpoint” block upon joining and to remain online often, or they required a precise estimate of the number of online parties to be hardcoded into the protocol logic. Ouroboros uses rigorous security guarantees that are considered mathematically proven.

Tron which utilizes the Lamport algorithm has on the other hand been criticized many times over its drawbacks, using the distributed mutual exclusion algorithm it faces technical message complexities of 3(N − 1) messages per entry/exit into the critical section making it a very unreliable as a failure of any one of the processes will halt the progress of the blockchain.

2. Roadmap Development

Cardano has a well-organized team with clear objectives, further developing the project. Cardano has enormous scalability potential and the ability to create decentralized applications making it a very robust blockchain capable of handling the demands of the future. While Cardano and Tron appear to be working on a DPoS consensus from the outside, Cardano has put more effort into building its own unique consensus. Tron, unfortunately, has the first stage of the TRON project’s plan, which comprises the deployment of its blockchain completed. As a result, despite having its own network, the platform is still in its early stages of development and short terms goals remain undefined.

3. Blockchain Structure

In reality, the TRON platform is overly centralized. About half of all TRX tokens on the market are held in 10 addresses, which might have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s price. Furthermore, roughly 15% of all distributed coins are available for private investment. The remaining will be owned by a few developers and significant investors.

Cardano on the other hand achieved the milestone of being completely decentralized. Cardano achieved this due to everyone having the ability to become a node validator. At the moment, there are more than 1500 validator pools in Cardano. Diversifying block creation among a greater number of individuals improves the blockchain’s security by lowering the chances of a 51 percent attack, or a few bad actors seizing control of the network.

It is obvious that Cardano has a stronger architecture and team behind it, making ADALend more secure, more robust, and always a better option than a lending platform built on a very frail ecosystem.

Find out more about ADALend by visiting the website.




Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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