ADALend Whitepaper Is Released🕕

ADALend whitepaper is scheduled to be released today. The whitepaper will contain all information regarding the ADALend project and what it promises to accomplish for the Cardano and Crypto communities, current and prospective investors.

ADALend has been a long-anticipated project that aims to fix a lot of current issues facing the borrow-lending protocols within the traditional financial institutions and even within the blockchain-powered lending platforms built on Ethereum. It will provide a new fast, secure and accessible system aimed at millions of people with no access to any form of funding and will ensure that decentralized financing based on Cardano is better than all existing financial models.

🎊ADALend new exciting features:

🔓Permissionless Lending on Any Pairing
Guaranteeing the users will always be granted the best offers available secured by multiple layers of oracles removing the need for permissions on any pairings.

🎈Incentivised Liquidity
The idea behind incentivizing deposits will keep ADALends’ pools highly liquid, securing low-interest rates and the availability of assets for borrowers.

📠Community Governance
Governance proposals issued by the ADALend or the community will have to reach a consensus by the token holders through a system of voting. Guarantee that the project will always be propelled in the best interest of the user and the ADALend community.

📚Ecosystem Foundation Layer
The ADALend project will host a layer of financial products aimed at developing the entire project as its own financial solutions platform providing users with a complete independent ecosystem to replace traditional and non-traditional financial solutions.

ADALend encourages all to read its published whitepaper and get familiar with all the amazing features and protocols that the project encompasses.

For more information please visit

ADALend Whitepaper




Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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