ADALend Secures Venture Capital investment From Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale Ventures is a respected and established Venture Capital fund, investing only in “the highest calibre Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Token (NFT projects). This week, Moonwhale and ADALend have signed an agreement for a significant private sale investment and strategic partnership. Moonwhale Ventures are impressed by the ADALend platform, team and technology and believe that their value add in terms of business development, marketing and expertise in the Asian markets can help this project become the leading DeFi Lending platform on Cardano and beyond.

About Moonwhale Ventures

Moonwhale Ventures has been an incubator for many projects over the last two years, investing and advising blockchain platforms to develop and improve their products and services.

Based in Singapore, They consist of STO consultants who strive to provide the most efficient solutions to existing businesses to build complete and secure End-to-End Security Token (STO) products and reach global adoption.

Moonwhale Ventures have invested in many projects, including but not limited to:

  • Celsius
  • Xend Finance
  • Public Mint
  • Snowswap
  • Super Farm
  • Mask
  • Butterfly Protocol

ADALend’s underlying value continues to demonstrate itself as more venture capitalists get on board and involved with the project.

About ADALend

ADALend is a scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

ADALend will offer various features that will provide its users with decentralized financial instruments accessible to everyone with access to the internet, without the complicated KYC requirements of the mainstream banking system.

The protocol will improve digital assets’ capital efficiency by enabling assets accumulated to fund multiple loan pools. The protocol will utilize the Cardano blockchain to flesh out DeFi potential as a viable replacement to the traditional financial sector.

Moonwhale’s venture into ADALend will be an addition to the platform’s security and reliability as the developers continue to work on providing the crypto community with a complete and definitive solution and replacement to the regular financing channels.

ADALend’s platform will host the following features:


Guaranteeing the users will always be granted the best offers available secured by multiple layers of oracles, removing the need for permissions on any pairings.

Incentivised Liquidity

The idea behind incentivizing deposits will keep ADALends’ pools highly liquid, securing low-interest rates and the availability of assets for borrowers.

Community Governance

Governance proposals issued by the ADALend or the community will have to reach a consensus by the token holders through a system of voting. Guarantee that the project will always be propelled in the user’s best interest and the ADALend community.

Ecosystem Foundation Layer

The ADALend project will host a layer of financial products aimed at developing the entire project as its own financial solutions platform providing users with a complete independent ecosystem to replace traditional and non-traditional financial solutions.

To find out more about ADALend, visit their website and read their whitepaper.




Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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