ADALend: Major Developments On The Horizon

ADALend’s mission is to democratize the lending industry by using the Cardano blockchain to eliminate the traditional banking middlemen. This will be accomplished through the development of a platform that connects borrowers, and lenders in a decentralized manner. With the help of blockchain technology and IOHK’s research and development, the platform will provide a simple, secure, and more transparent way of exchanging value. The decentralized lending platform will allow creditors to perform lending activities and create a safer and more efficient lending environment for all users.

Ensuring the Security and Safety of Lending in a Decentralized Environment

While traditional banks continue to disregard the needs and concerns of the people, ADALend has come to provide access to loans for those in need who have been ignored. The inability to gain access to funds has long-term consequences. ADALend provides a platform to change the current state of financial affairs. While the cryptocurrency market is young, it is already very versatile. ADALend is a revolutionary platform that brings the best of both worlds together, with an innovative business model to take advantage of the best features of multiple industries, thus creating a new and sustainable source of income for businesses, investors, and borrowers.

Lenders and borrowers alike have had to contend with a lack of transparency and safety, making it difficult to efficiently manage a lending platform. The team at ADALend is working to solve this problem. The team has expert economists, engineers, and business professionals that are working to build a trustless, decentralized lending protocol that will allow users to operate in a self-governed environment. By using decentralized lending protocols, users can borrow, lend and earn money in a secure and anonymous environment.

A New Architect for ADALend

It is a challenge to build ADALend on the Cardano blockchain using Haskell and Plutus with smart contracts being quite limited in these early days. However, ADALend has announced today that after a long executive search they have hired a new Chief Technology Officer Ali Krynitsky, who brings extensive experience of working software development for Enterprise and Consumer software companies, and a deep passion for developing on Cardano.

However, ADALend stated today that they have hired a new Chief Technology Officer, Ali Krynitsky, who offers vast experience designing software for Enterprise and Consumer software firms, as well as a strong passion for Cardano development.

ADALend will launch its public IDO in March 2022 across numerous Launchpads and will list on several top-tier exchanges shortly thereafter.

The ADAL tokens will be available for purchase at the discounted rate of 55 cents until the end of the Private Sale round A on January 31st at Midnight GMT. From the 1st of February, there will be a Private Sale Round B with a price of 70 cents, which will last until the IDO Launch, when the beginning price will be 1 US Dollar.




Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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Scalable and decentralized lending protocol governed by DAO

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